Wednesday, 1 August 2012

So ... who else is playing?

We've covered the Peatbog Faeries, the City of Rome Pipe Band, Mortimer Mc Grave, and Rare Folk in previous posts (click on them to read each particular post), so who else makes up the excellent programme of 17 concerts. Here's a run through:

La Corte di Lunas - from Friuli Venezia Giulia, formed in 2005 as a celebration of "joy, music, and fun." Now an 8-piece band with 2 albums under their belts, these days they entertain with a fusion of precious Renaissance melodies, lost stories from far away, and the purest of modern rock. Second Montelago appearance (2010).
At Montelago 2012: Sat 4th main stage @ 21:15.

New Road - a recently-formed band playing classic Irish reels, jigs, hornpipes and other dance music. What sets the band apart amid the landscape of traditional music are their individual technical skills, the energy of their arrangements, and the wealth of experience of the four talented multi-instrumentalists.
At Montelago 2012: Fri 3rd Mortimer Pub @ 16:00; Sat 4th/5th main stage @ 2:45.

Rondeau De Fauvel - recalling the myth of Fauvel, a legendary creature with the appearance of a donkey from a satirical poem of 1316, the 6-piece group from Vicenza paints haunting medieval tunes along with poetry, dance, and magic.
At Montelago 2012: Fri 3rd Mortimer Pub @ 18:30; Sat 4th/5th main stage @ 4:00.

Montelago Celtic Project - returning to the place of their "birth" (2007) and led by the group's founder, multi-instrumentalist Fabio Emidio Zeppilli (composer and arranger of all their music), the marchigiano group's repertoire with its Irish, Scottish, Galician and Basque roots "creates an eclectic blend of energy, releasing emotion and unearthing new feelings".
At Montelago 2012: Fri 3rd Mortimer Pub @ 20:30; Sat 4th Mortimer Pub @ 15:00.

Furor Gallico - named after the description that the ancient Romans gave to the Celtic warriors who were prepared to die defending their people and land, the folk metal group from Milan blend metal riffs and growl-and-scream vocals with folk melodies of the violin, flutes, Celtic harp and bouzouki.
At Montelago 2012: Fri 3rd/4th main stage @ 1:00.
Web site:

Cisalpipers - the six-piece band from Emilia-Romagna synthesizes the sounds of the Emilian bagpipes, Scottish bagpipeswhistles , drums and percussion into a unique style that travels between classical and pop, world music to ethnic, and always with the underlying foundation of tradition. Second Montelago appearance (2009).
At Montelago 2012: Fri 3rd/4th main stage @ 00:00; Sat 4th Mortimer Pub @ 17:00.
Web site:

EtnoarmòniA - this four-piece band from Le Marche, formed in 2010, delves into a journey from Ireland to Galicia and the heart of the American continent, weaving wandering melodies that on their way have been influenced, mutated, and contaminated by man, territories and the cultures of the planet.
At Montelago 2012: Fri 3rd main stage @ 21:00; Sat 4th Mortimer Pub @ 11:30.

Folkomondo -  formed in 2008, the six-piece band combines songs of the folk tradition with modern rhythms, taking us through the streets of European folk from Ireland to Italy, to Spain, France, Greece, and yet still further, to create something new from old and forgotten roots.
At Montelago 2012: Sat 4th Mortimer Pub @ 20:15.

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