Monday, 30 July 2012

Rare Folk

One of two foreign (i.e. non-Italian) bands appearing at this year's festival, Rare Folk is perhaps flying somewhat below the radar in terms of the relative publicity they've been given, but they may just be the big surprise of this year's festival.Well-known in their native Spain - and even more so in their Andalusian home - but relatively unknown outside of it, they're making just one appearance on their trip to Italy ... at Montelago. 

Formed 20 years ago in the Tomares province of Seville, and with 5 albums under their belts, the group's folk label is a very loose one, combining as they do elements of Celtica, rock, jazz, and both Eastern and African rhythms. Indeed, such is the progressive, experimental nature of their "folk" music that the press coined the term "Freestyle Folk." Over time the group has earned its reputation as being among the best exponents of the new Spanish folk music, and is one of the leading bands on the experimental music scene.

Rare Folk's breakthrough album Green in 1998 widened their audience, and since then their special sound has filled stages from Mexico to Ireland, and England to Portugal, sharing billing with artists such as Hevia, Berrogüeto, and the Wolfstones. As part of the festival's Saturday night crescendo, it'll be a performance you don't want to miss as they take the main stage at 22:00.

Rare folk is:

Rubén Díez - flute and low whistle
Mangu Diaz - mandolin, bouzouki, darbuka and programming
Munné Marcos - electric guitar
Oscar Valero (Mufas) - bass
Leslie Jordan - violin
Fernando Reina - drums

For more info see the band's web site at

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